YISG-2022: the first outdoor practice, on the nature

Today, on July 2, the departure of students from the project direction “Medicinal plants against bacteria” took place. They went to the village Oi to collect herbs for research.
«We will study medicinal herbs. They have already been collected as samples for research: yarrow, dandelion, chicory, willow, wormwood, thyme», – replied Leonela Goldobina, the head of the direction “Medicinal plants against bacteria».
To begin with, the students chose conditional squares from which they will take plant samples. And they will write the type, the order of herbs and flowers that are in the square in their notebooks.
«With my partner, I was able to identify different types of plants that I have never seen in my life, although I live in rural area», – Valitor Dzhigdzhitov, the participant of International Intellectual Games, shared his opinion with us.
With the collected leaves, students will determine their resistance to different types of bacteria and parasites. Thereby preparing the ground for their project.