MII-2022: Science requires continuation! Participants of the International School Conference-competition arrived

Just yesterday the participants of the International Olympiad «Tuimada» departed, and now the guys of the International School Conference-competition have already stopped by with their interesting projects, which they will demonstrate at the end of the shift.
Ninth-grader from Sakha Polytechnic Lyceum Alexey Davletov and his teammates – Denis Pavlov and Anatoly Kondratiev, study the indoor microclimate. They made a station that has six sensors and three different levels. «This device is needed in order to better determine the temperature and humidity of the air, since the air inside the room is heterogeneous», – explained Alexey Davletov.
The essence of the project of the SUNC team of the Southern Federal District «Spectral study of functional materials in situ mode» is to interact with nanoparticles of any materials using infrared spectroscopy and observe their structural changes. The authors of the project Kristina Kurmak and Mikhail Pletnev said: «After a thorough analysis of the materials, we study the transformed data and use it to make the results that we will demonstrate to experts».
The joint project of Elizaveta Lysenko and Sofia Ignatova of the SUNC of the Southern Federal District, socio-humanitarian direction. «The study of literary techniques used by the media to influence the opinion of readers», the work includes an analysis of Russian – language articles, British and American publications, as well as a multi-genre press — satirical publications, socio-political media, tabloids. And together we compiled the general characteristics of the work, revealed the pattern of how the media of different genres, depending on the country, use separate tools of influence. We also drew conclusions from all of the above, which we will present at the conference».
«Music as an instrument of influence on the overall development of a teenager» is a project of Valeria Rybnikova and Anastasia Lyushenko, School – SUNC North Caucasus Federal University, social and humanitarian profile. They compare the music of the 80s with modern music, so they figure out how to improve the works of musicians of the 21st century. «We chose the period of the 80s because our parents often tell us that the music of their time was much better than what people listen to now», – they shared.