YISG-2022: the final preparation of the IRS participants

Young researchers of the International Research School are preparing for a preliminary presentation. Each team must form the information that they have received during the week of study and practice in order to present it at the final defense.
Each project is unique in its content, purpose of study and outcome. For example, the project «How fat are our snacks» aims to show whether the composition of snacks, chips and other products corresponds to what is indicated on the packaging and the real content. Tomorrow the guys will talk about the dangers of our favorite snacks and about the results of research in their final speech.
«We are studying the composition of food, in particular its fatty components. We do this in order to show children and adults how much it can adversely affect the body», – shared the participant of this direction Ulyana Burova.
Recall that IRS (International Research School) works in 11 directions, participants work in teams. In total, there are 12 countries are taking part: offline – Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey, online – Kazakhstan, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Romania, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore.