YISG-2022: the opening of an international research school was held in Yakutia

1st July the opening of the 14th International Research School (IRS) took place. The event was held in the new building of the Junior Sciences Academy (JSA).
Children participated in the event offline and online, through the zoom platform. Last year, the events were held in a remotely format. And this year the opening was held in full-time format, which pleased everyone. The participants got acquainted with the tutors, experts and each other, sang the anthem IRS.
«This school opened 14 years ago. And all these 14 years our events have been held in different regions of Russia. Today we are going to Yakutia for the 3rd time so we are very glad that we have returned here», – Ksenia Salnikova, general director of IRS, told us.
Luiza Adamyan, organizer of the IRS, shared with us: «I think the event was even very good. The children treated each other very well».
The event helped the guys to make friends and they became even closer to each other. All the participants were from the different countries and regions, and they took the first steps towards becoming a single association.