YISG-2022: participants got to know Yakutia better

Many participants know Yakutia as the «diamond capital», or as the largest region of Russia. But do they know that Yakutia has an endless forests, rare animals and plants, mysteriously beautiful places, as well as the only permafrost in the world? Today, especially in order to solve this issue, an interactive lecture about Yakutia was held in the assembly hall of the Sakha Junior Science Academy. It was held online in English so that children and tutors from foreign countries could join the discussion.
The lecture was conducted by Anatoly Chemezov, one of the special guests invited in honor of the opening of the International Research School. He told about the climate, flora and fauna, but most importantly – about the unique permafrost.
During the event, the lecturer asked the children questions in order to check the assimilation of the material and attentiveness. All the children actively participated: they raised their hands, discussed the correct answer together and helped each other to answer.
After the lecture, all the listeners were delighted that they had received so much interesting information.
«I think it was very informative. The lecture helped me to understand the climate and environment of Yakutia. I learned about how permafrost formed, and also got a lot of information about the rivers and lakes of the region. I made a discovery for myself that even if there are many differences between two nationalities, we still have similar things, such as our native language, climate and what shaped us», – Boran Duman, a 17-year-old Turkish student, shared with us.
One of the listeners of the lecture Anastasia Kuznetsova told us about her impressions: «I think there was a lot of useful information there, and I also learned more about Yakutia, which I haven’t heard of. I was extremely interested in the structure of this region and how people live here».
Thus, today’s interactive lecture helped the children to learn more about Yakutia. Accordingly, this introduction will help them gain even more interest to the region. If there is a big interest, there will be the possibility of many projects that will further help for the development of our republic.