There are more than 500 applications to Yakutia International Science Games (YISG-2022)

Just a little bit of time left before the start of the second YISG. There will be about 500 students from 8 countries. Moreover, students from different regions of Russia are also expected. Overall there are more than 500 applications to date.
YISG will be held by the Junior Academy of Sciences base in Khangalassky District in Chapaevo village and International Artic School. The admission to Yakutsk International Science Fair is open till June 23 and admission to Tuymaada Olimpiad is open till June 26. The goal of the event is to gather talented students with highly qualified educators and scientists. This way there will be positive example to get children into science. The government of the republic, ministry of Education and Science, Trust Fund of Future Generations and the Sakha Junior Academy of Sciences are the organizers of YISG.