YISG-2022: interview with an expert

The expert from an International Research School (IRS) conducted an interview with us. Told us about his profession, YISG-2022 and the future of the projects.
— Please, tell us about your profession.
— By profession, I am a psychologist, a social educator and a social anthropologist.
— Why did you choose this profession? What are you interested in?
— In general, I was going to enter the Department of Biogeography, the Faculty of Geography of Moscow State University. I entered, but my mom and dad had been studying geography, and they knew my grandfather well. So, I decided not to go where everyone knew me. Therefore, I enrolled as a social pedagogue, because I was interested in this. And social anthropology interested me after I went on an expedition in astronomy and natural sciences. Then one of my colleagues persuaded me to go on an expedition to the White Sea in a Pomeranian village and since then I have been studying social anthropology. It’s very interesting.
— What do you think about YISG-2022?
— I think that now it is almost in the middle and, in my opinion, it is built. Maybe it is not as large-scale as the first YISG-2018 in terms of the number of participants, but it seems to me it’s more meaningful.
— What are you going to do with children’s projects in the future?
— The most important thing is what the children themselves are going to do with their projects. Of course, we understand that at the end of this International Research School (IRS) they will present their group papers. And then, as our one great poet said: «We are not given to predict how our word will respond,» which I really hope if someone gets carried away by the fact that before that he did not imagine that it was possible to study or do something. I am absolutely sure that this is not a thing in itself, that after them there is always a lot of new things that would never have appeared if people had not met there.